Absolute Steel Customer Service

"A satisfied customer is not the goal at Absolute Steel — it’s the minimum requirement."

Unlike most companies, “customer service” is not its own separate division or department at Absolute Steel. We don’t have special people whose job it is to handle customer relations because each and every person at Absolute Steel practices customer service in their respective job.

To us, customer service describes the quality of our relationship with you, not a department within a company. And if we have done our job well, you will be more than just a satisfied customer, you will be “a customer who is so pleased with his/her purchase and service that they would, without reservation, recommend Absolute Steel to their friends, family and neighbors”.

To accomplish this, we don’t have you dealing with people who have little to no familiarity with our products. All our people (except those in accounting) have participated in installations, they know all the parts so they can talk intelligently to you and answer any questions you have. But the real reason we operate like this is that…

We Like Repeat Business!

Within our local markets, we are working on our sixth generation referral…that’s doing something right! We have many second and third generation Internet customers and it is our sincere wish that you will join their ranks.


Warranties vary depending upon the specific item ordered.  Palram polycarbonate panel structure systems (i.e. Arcadia carport and Gala patio covers) feature a 10 year limited warranty.  Most of the galvanized steel frame systems feature a 20-year warranty and the exterior steel panels, depending upon which panel you purchase, have a 20 to 40 year warranty against fading, chalking or peeling.


Steel building packages, miscellaneous items (exterior panels, doors, insulation etc.) and some carports models will often ship and be delivered in multiple shipments. Most times they will be delivered by one of our contract LTL carriers, flatbed truck and or a trailer in tow. A deliverable address must be provided at the time you order. Please note Absolute Steel is not responsible for any delivery restrictions due to physical obstructions (example: low hanging tree branches), poor road conditions, remote geographic locations, local land use restrictions, neighborhood association rules & regulations or any other issue that might affect delivery of your order.

Nationwide Delivery

Understand we do our best to make sure multiple shipments are coordinated together but we do not guarantee arrival times or same day delivery of multiple shipments. You will receive a tracking number via phone or email of your shipment(s) when they are logged in with the carrier to pick up at Absolute Steel’s facility. The carriers are instructed to call prior to delivery and to schedule their arrival with you. Absolute Steel is not liable or responsible for any costs associated with forklift rental, other lifting devices, idle man hours or time off from work due to LTL or flatbed truck delivery delays. Be Smart: Do not schedule work until all materials are on your job site. If for some reason your delivery is unable to occur, you are responsible for any rescheduling fees and/or storage fees. To avoid additional delver charges you may pick up your merchandise at the carrier’s freight terminal closest to you.

Acceptance at Delivery

If you see damaged merchandise or suspect you have damaged merchandise due to shipping/transportation you must mark the delivery documents (Bill of Lading or Delivery Receipt) “DAMAGED” or “SUBJECT TO CONCEALED DAMAGE” at the time of delivery. Before rejecting the shipment, please immediately call Absolute Steel at 877 833 3237 ext. 103 for further instructions.

Absolute Steel will not be held liable or responsible for any additional freight or material costs, including replacing any damaged components if the damage is NOT noted on the delivery documents. In order to process damaged parts or a replacement claim you may be requested to supply us with additional documentation such as photos. Absolute Steel reserves the right to deny any claim in which you are unwilling to comply with our request for additional information such as photos.

Defective or missing components will be replaced as quickly as possible and at no charge. Overnight delivery for parts is available at an extra charge.

Shipping damage must be reported within 3 days.

For free replacement of any missing or defective parts it must be reported to Absolute Steel within 30 days of delivery. After thirty days, Absolute Steel is not liable for replacement part costs or shipping associated therewith.

Damage or deterioration of components due to being improperly stored which extend beyond 30 days after delivery are not covered under our warranty.


You will receive a complete refund if you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it.

If your product has already shipped but has not yet delivered, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee plus return shipping charges. If delivery has been attempted but not accepted there will be no refunds allowed.  This is because of the logistics involved in recovering freight shipments and having the truck return to the point of origin.

If your product has been delivered but not installed, Absolute Steel has a 20-day limited return policy on all our merchandise. All returned merchandise is to be palletized or bundled with secure strapping for shipping. You will be responsible for any restocking fees and return freight charges.


It is your responsibility to determine if the structure you purchase requires engineering and/or a building permit. You are responsible for obtaining any such building permits and the fees associated therewith. If you have an existing foundation which does not match the foundation called for in engineering we cannot guarantee your foundation will pass inspection. In the event your municipality requires any third-party testing/inspections of the foundation, anchoring, or the structure, you will be responsible for locating and paying for those third-party inspections.

Learn More about Engineering here.