Single Slope Steel Two Car Carport

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When you need more extensive protection, the Single Slope Two-Car Carport is the smart choice. It stands up to a wide range of weather conditions, from wind to snow. Wherever you need protection on your property, this model can get the job done.

Do you have an apartment complex in need of carports? This unit is affordable, easy to install and long lasting. Worried about expensive outdoor equipment for your business? Keep it safe from wind, snow and rain with the kit.

Versatile Protection

This Single Slope model offers practical protection to all types of possessions, whatever your particular needs. The larger size and easy assembly makes it the best choice for a wide range of needs, for your home or business.

Give kids a nice big area to work off their energy. It is an economical way to cover a large play spot. Protect big-kid toys too. It provides protection for your favorite pickup, RV or car. At work, the carport keeps costly vehicles, heavy-duty equipment and material safe from sun, wind and snow

Just look at what the Single Slope Steel Two-Car Carport can protect:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • RVs
  • ATVs
  • Boats
  • Apartment carports
  • Dry goods
  • Livestock
  • Commercial equipment
  • Play area

The Size You Need

Do you need carports for your apartment building? Storage area? The Single Slope Steel Two-Car Carport covers a large area, whether it is your own vehicles, business supplies and tools, or the local play area.

Need a special size? We can provide it! You can custom order the unit in the size to fit your precise needs. This makes it the perfect choice when you want protection for valuable commercial equipment.

Simple Assembly

  • Just 33 parts—that’s it!
  • Just 12 pieces in the frame section
  • Includes posts, panels and all trim
  • Concrete base-mount plates are available
  • Transport it quickly to your site: it all fits in the bed of a pickup

Strong and Durable

  • All steel
  • 26-gauge painted panels, available in white
  • Snow load: rated for 30 lb. per square foot
  • Wind load: 90 mph
  • Optional: original engineers plans, stamped and sealed by an engineer licensed in your state

25-Year Warranty

This unit comes with an outstanding 25-year warranty against paint chalking, fading or peeling for the painted panels.


If installing on a concrete footer:

  • Width: 18.00’
  • Height: 7.5’ (7’2” clearance)
  • Depth: 20.00’
  • NOTE to concrete mount customers - if you want a taller clearance, we can do that. Just contact us.

If installing directly on bare ground:

  • Width: 18.00’
  • Height: 8.2’ (7’11” clearance)
  • Depth: 20.00’
  • The reason ground mount units are taller is because we supply you with longer column sections to account for the amount needed to be buried in the ground.  Because of this needed depth, we supply a longer overall column and this gives you additional clearance space as well.  
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